A New Kitchen Makes Cooking Fun For the Whole Family

Having a family that loves to cook can be a pain if you don’t have the right kitchen. Whether there’s not enough space, or the space you have isn’t efficient, or your kitchen falls apart when you use it, it can be quite a hassle. Finding themselves in that same situation, a local family knew that something needed to change.

Kitchen remodel in sterling va“We decided to remodel because our kitchen was lacking adequate storage and prep space. The 20 year old cabinets were falling apart and consisted of several small cabinets and drawers that weren’t very useful. We cook a lot and our kids like to help as well. We often times found ourselves tripping over one another while preparing meals and our countertops covered with dishes as well as papers from our kids’ activities. The kitchen also didn’t take advantage of the view to the backyard and was dark due to being a north facing kitchen. We wanted a bright functional space that would allow all of us to be in the kitchen together without running into one another.” – customer

Using the recommendation of a neighbor who had previously worked with Cabinet Discounters, the customers decided to work out of our Chantilly showroom. It’s there where they were guided by designer Mary Banas, CKD, CAPS to help make their project a reality.

“Our neighbors, who have a very similar house layout to ours, worked with Mary Banas to design their kitchen. We met with Mary and really liked both how knowledgeable she is as well as her easy going personality. We met with Mary several times to iron out the design and not once did she make us feel rushed or pressure us to pick anything. Mary understood the needs of a family with young kids, which was very important to us. We were also fortunate enough to see a kitchen designed by Mary and installed by Cabinet Discounters. The owner of that property was really happy with the install work completed by Cabinet Discounters and as with all the references we spoke to, raved about Mary’s work.” – customer

Aside from working with Mary, the customers were very happy with the service they received from the entire Cabinet Discounters team.

kitchen remodel in sterling va“Mary was great to work with. She never rushed us through the process and met with us many times to iron out the kitchen details. Her experience as a kitchen designer really shows through her work. All of the trades that worked on our kitchen install were very professional and easy to communicate with. The carpenters, Wayne and David, always showed up on time, were courteous, and never once left our house a mess. We were amazed by how clean they were! Not having an onsite project manager took some getting used to and we found that getting access to BaseCamp was key in allowing us to communicate to the install department directly.” – customer

Working along with Mary, the customers selected Brighton Cabinetry for their kitchen with Monroe Flat doors and Maple Lace finish.

“We are thrilled with how our kitchen turned out! We have so much more storage and countertop space than we did before which has made the kitchen so enjoyable to work in. It’s funny how a few simple changes to the layout have made simple tasks like making a cup of coffee in the morning so much more efficient. Things feel effortless in our new kitchen whereas before we had to take more steps to complete tasks in what was a smaller kitchen space before.” – customer

The new space provides the family with ample space in which to cook, entertain, and enjoy family time together.

kitchen remodel in sterling va“We are now able to cook in the kitchen together without bumping into one another and our kids can grab water and snacks without entering into the working part of the kitchen. We’ve had a few gathering since the kitchen was completed and could easily work in the kitchen while talking with our guests who have plenty of places to sit between the island and peninsula.” – customer

If you are like these customers and are needing a new space in which your family can comfortably gather, then Cabinet Discounters is the right place for you. You can sign up today for a showroom appointment with one of our experienced designers, or you can simply stop by one of our seven convenient Baltimore-Washington area locations and start building your dream today.

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