A Full Kitchen Remodel Done Just Right

Have you ever thought about re-doing your kitchen, only to have something major happen which only expedites your plans? That’s what happened with a family in Damascus, MD who had been contemplating whether or not to change up their kitchen.

DSC_3350-edit“We had a flood in our kitchen in February, 2015. Over the years we had contemplated changes that we would make to the kitchen, dining room and living room; when the flood forced the kitchen renovation, we decided to tackle the larger remodel. Plus, it was more than time for improvements… Although well-appointed originally, the kitchen was more than forty years old; hence, it was time for a change.” – customer

The family used the advice of their general contractor, Todd Tomlinson, who has worked with the Cabinet Discounters Gaithersburg showroom on many previous projects. Upon their visit to Cabinet Discounters, the customers worked alongside designer Hans Englehart, who was a great help along the way.

“Hands-down, they were all helpful. Hans, in particular, was excellent having designed many kitchen renovations with Todd. He made great suggestions regarding the cabinetry. We worked through multiple design iterations of the cabinets and appliances with him. And, even on the rare times he was out of the office or busy, the other staff in the Gaithersburg store were always as helpful as possible. His measurements were precise and we had no issues with cabinet sizes during the installation.” – customerDSC_3355-edit

With Hans’ help, the family selected Brighton Cabinetry with inset Heartland doors and a Natural Cherry finish. The countertops are Crema Bordeaux granite around the majority of the kitchen, with a Black Pearl leathered granite accent piece on the higher tier of the island.

“We are very happy with the outcome: the natural cherry cabinets are just what we expected; the two choices of granite flow very well and were installed beautifully; and the cabinet lighting, and the under-cabinet lighting are great! The storage space and cabinet access are excellent. It is a joy to cook in there. And the colors of the cabinets coordinate well with the wood flooring.” – customer

DSC_3379-editHaving the huge new space affords the family plenty of room for cooking, entertaining and just relaxing.

“The space is used for cooking, entertaining, unwinding and the occasional desk work at the kitchen island. When we worked through the design with our contractor and his architect, we knew we were trying to solve some entertaining structural challenges. So, it was definitely in the plans to use the renovated space for more entertaining. But, our expectations for doing that were wildly exceeded. People love to sit at the large kitchen island. It’s a great place to serve appetizers and nibbles. My husband now sits there with a drink to chat and unwind from the day with me while I cook. The increased table space makes it very inviting for larger groups to sit and fully enjoy dinner with a nice chance to relax afterwards.” – customer

DSC_3360-editIn the end, the family was able to get exactly what they wanted, and so much more.

“We thought we were going a little over the top with two sinks, a wine cooler, and beverage refrigerator in addition to a large kitchen refrigerator, but they have all turned out to be very useful. The cabinetry design sets them off very nicely and the traffic flow with regard to their use is excellent. The overall  use of space in the kitchen (plus old dining room) is very inviting. Friends who have visited have used our kitchen as inspiration to think through their own renovations. We are especially thankful for Hans (Gaithersburg) and Betty (Creative In Counters in Mt. Airy) coordinating everything!” – customer

If you are like this family and are in search of a major kitchen remodel, then Cabinet Discounters is the place for you! You can sign up for an appointment today, or you can stop by one of our seven convenient Baltimore-Washington area showrooms and start building your dream today.