A Custom Kitchen Within Your Budget

Are you finding yourself in a kitchen that no longer works for you? Is the flow of the kitchen inconvenient for your family? Have your old cabinets and countertops broken down and begun to show their wear? You are not alone! A local family was in the exact same situation, and they knew that it was time to make a change.

kitchen remodel in herndon vaI had been dissatisfied with our old kitchen for a long time. Although large, it felt crowded, with corners and odd angles everywhere, and counter space was very limited. There wasn’t really enough room for more than a couple of people to work at once and we were all trying to use the same small corner for everything in the mornings. On top of that, the builder-grade cabinets and laminate counter tops were showing the 30 years they had served and were beginning to break. Then the refrigerator leaked, soaking the old wood floor. It was time. We were very fortunate, soon after, to be in a position to remodel and began our search for someone to do it for us. It wasn’t easy.” – customer

The customers felt as if they had received the “run-around” from a few other companies with which they had researched. Nobody seemed to be able to give them exactly what they wanted.

One company did not want to take the job because they had a “minimum” project size that was above our planned budget. One company offered steeply discounted cabinets in such a tiny selection that I knew I would not like the finished product. One contractor said flat out that my ideas would be more trouble than they were worth and laughed. Another was happy to do the job but did not have a designer and would leave the cabinet ordering to me. We began working with one kitchen remodeling company, but I felt rushed to make selections before I had an overall picture in mind.”– customer

kitchen remodel in herndon vaFinally, after not being pleased with what they had found, they decided to visit our Cabinet Discounters Chantilly showroom. Once inside the store, they met with designer Tammy Cote and knew that it was the right fit.

Then I decided to check out Cabinet Discounters. I had been driving past the showroom in Chantilly regularly, and remembering their ads, decided to stop in one day. I was impressed with the selection of colors and styles and even more impressed after speaking with designer Tammy Cote. She patiently worked with me as we went through layout planning, material and color selections, measurements, and my admittedly quirky ideas. She understood that I did not want a “cookie cutter” design and worked hard to get the details just right.” – customer

Working along with Tammy, the family selected Brighton Cabinetry for their kitchen with Cottage doors and Maple custom stain with glaze. The countertops are Black Galaxy granite with double roundover edge. The backsplash is Jeffrey Court Copper Mine Mosaic from Conestoga Tile They worked with their tile artist Elizabeth Karaffa on this project who was able to put her own personal touch on their kitchen.

Once we began the remodel, everything went according to schedule. Carpentry, plumbing, electrical, and tiling were done with the utmost professionalism. Now that everything is finished I am extremely pleased with our whole kitchen. I am very glad we opted for the full custom Brighton cabinets. They are top quality and beautiful! The color of the wood is very nearly unique and everything was built to fit our kitchen, not just any kitchen.  Our pantry cabinet was built to fit a lovely glass panel I had found and we even have a special shelf under the counter to tuck notebooks and a laptop out of sight.” – customer

The new space has given the customers an expanded space for entertaining and hosting family gatherings.

kitchen remodel herndon vaWe hosted a crowd for Thanksgiving and were able to prepare everything without crashing into each other. We have one side of the kitchen devoted to cooking, and another to cleaning up, instead of trying to do everything in that one little corner. We have the same size space as before, but now there are more cabinets and more counter space. There are lots of little custom details put into it that make it suit us perfectly! I’m glad we kept the floor open because there is still room for the kids to dance!” – customer

If you are like this family and are in need of a kitchen that works better for you and your every day needs, then Cabinet Discounters is the right place for you. You can sign up today for a showroom appointment with one of our experienced designers, or you can simply stop by one of our seven convenient Baltimore-Washington area locations and start building your dream today!

kitchen remodel in herndon va