A Bathroom Remodel With A Purpose: ADA Compliance

Remodeling a bathroom to accommodate someone with a disability and meet ADA standards does not have to eliminate style and aesthetics. There are a wide variety of fixtures, cabinetry, tub and shower options available that can be ADA compliant while creating a beautiful bathroom.


Mary Banas, a designer in the Chantilly, VA Cabinet Discounters showroom, recently worked with the McCarthy family in Manassas to achieve this goal. Together, they created a functional yet stylish bathroom that provides the necessary accommodations with a flair.

McCarthy10McCarthy4The soft green walls show off the stainless steel fixtures and bright white tub, vanity and cabinetry. A serene, relaxing ambiance has been created with clean lines and warm lighting. Brighton Cabinetry in Iceberg Maple is complemented by the richly hued Conestoga tiles used around the sink and shower.

Cabinet Discounters: Why did you choose Cabinet Discounters?
The McCarthys: Mary Banas. A family member had an accident, and our bathroom was not friendly for persons with disabilities. We had tried working with other remodelers, who claimed to have expertise in designing bathrooms for persons with disabilities, but found them hard to work with, pushy, and not entirely honest.

Cabinet Discounters: What made you decide to remodel?
The McCarthys: We needed an aging-in-place design that was contemporary and did not have the look or feel of a bathroom for a person with disabilities.

Cabinet Discounters: Can you describe your experience working with our people?
The McCarthys: Mary Banas is patient and thorough. She came up with a design that met our requirements while controlling costs.