“20 on a scale of 5”

Is your home in dire need of a kitchen remodel, but you just can’t seem to find the right time to start it? Maybe you’re waiting to save enough money, but have no idea exactly how much it will cost. If you can relate to that, then you are not alone! A local family was in the same situation, and they decided to meet with us and see what we could do.

kitchen remodel charles town wv“[My wife] had been wanting a kitchen redo for a few years, but we thought it was out of our price range, and we weren’t sure how long we wanted to stay in WV. We replaced all windows last fall and made decision to stay 5-10 more years. After speaking initially with [our designer] Mike, we realized the cost was within reach.”

The family had remembered Cabinet Discounters from our commercials, and decided they would make a visit to our Gaithersburg showroom. In addition, they were encouraged by some of our customer reviews, as well as the selection of products we have to offer.

“Advertisements, coupled with customer reviews and product selection were initial top drivers.”

Once inside our showroom, the family met with designer Mike Bliss. They were able to sit down with Mike and come up with a plan that worked for their home and their budget. They couldn’t have been happier with their experience, and they were impressed with the kitchen design experience and knowledge that Mike possessed.

kitchen remodel charles town wv“20 on a scale of 5. Mike was exemplary, and as a forward face of the company, put us at ease with his candid, non-push salesmanship and deep knowledge and experience.  Learning of his tenure with the company spoke to the firm’s integrity and ethics. Delivery and countertop installers were all professional and courteous.”

Working along with Mike, the family selected Brighton Cabinetry with Shaker door style. The perimeter cabinetry is Maple Lace color, and the island is Maple Truffle. The countertops are Calacatta Laza quartz.

“[We are] extremely satisfied.  We had a top notch contractor (Tyson Homes Construction) who ensured everything was expertly installed. Neighbors and coworkers who’ve seen pics are quite envious. We made a last minute countertop change to an “eased” edge and glad we did. Rounding of corners make them eye appealing and safe (no hip jabbing). The seam is nearly invisible and the veining lines up perfectly.”

Now that everything has been completed, the new kitchen is making everyday life much easier. Cooking and storage space have been drastically increased, and everything is much more efficient.

“With just the two of us and family spread far apart, we’ll primarily cook for ourselves. The new layout provides more than double the countertop space, and the design has increased overall storage by nearly 40%. Full rollout shelves and soft close doors are nice, luxury touches. The white cabinets and countertops add more light to the overall space. Swapping a wall microwave combination unit and separate cooktop for a slide in range and overhead microwave makes for a more efficient design.”

In the end, the family is extremely pleased with how everything turned out.

kitchen remodel charles town wv“We’d highly recommend Cabinet Discounters to anyone planning a remodel. Significant more selection and options than big box stores, coupled with what matters most…proactive listening and putting the customer first. Timing was as planned. Demo to countertop install in just over 2 weeks.”

If you are like this family and are searching for a new kitchen in your home, then Cabinet Discounters is the right place for you. Sign up today for a showroom appointment with one of our experienced designers. With seven convenient Baltimore-Washington area locations, there is a Cabinet Discounters near you. We can’t wait to get started on your project!

kitchen remodel charles town wv