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Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends for 2023

When choosing new cabinets for your kitchen during a remodeling project, you likely think about storage capabilities and how these fixtures will make your kitchen function as well as possible. But cabinetry provides an opportunity to express your style too. The aesthetic of your kitchen, including your cabinetry, will affect the feeling of this vital room in your home.

A home design expert can help you tap into your unique style to find cabinets that look beautiful and suit your specific aesthetic. At Cabinet Discounters, we pay attention to trends and can consult with you about popular designs that can look fantastic in your home.

When it comes to kitchen cabinets, our team can help you choose a color that works well with your space but also will not appear dated. Find this year’s trends for kitchen cabinetry colors in this month’s blog.

kitchen cabinet design trends

Add Bold Colors

Previous trending colors in kitchen cabinetry have leaned toward neutral tones, like grey or white. But 2023 has brought a transition to bolder colors in kitchen design. White walls and countertops can appear bland, but you can brighten up the room with colorful cabinets.

A vibrant color choice will make your kitchen pop. Blues and greens for your kitchen cabinets will look vivid and inviting.

Choosing a richer hue, like navy, can appear elegant and warm, and an attractive olive green will look soft while creating a soothing effect in the room. Discuss the different effects these colors can have on your home with a design expert when you schedule a consultation appointment.

Try Rustic Wood Finishes

Kitchen design this year is seeing more natural finishes in wooden cabinetry rather than looks that appear sleeker or more polished. A glossy sheen may seem contemporary, but the more matte finish from the wood will make the kitchen warmer and more inviting.

This rustic appearance can make your home appear lived-in, though rather than seeming worn, it looks sophisticated and elevated. A home design professional can help you consider your options when it comes to wood finishing in your cabinets and its impact on your space.

Consider Warm Accents

This year, cabinet design in the kitchen seeks to make this crucial spot in your home more appealing and charming. And to accomplish this, you can add warmth to the color design of your cabinets. You can choose warm tones in paint color or wood stains, but you can also do this by adding accents.

Accents refer to decorative embellishments like molding or handles which offer further opportunities to express style through your cabinetry. If you want to make the cabinets appear warmer, consider a metallic accent, especially champagne gold.

This vintage finish will add texture as well as establish an inviting atmosphere. The warmth can make you and the other residents in your home more relaxed when using the kitchen. And if you bring guests into the room, they can feel more at ease in the environment too.